Wastewater Treatment Plants
Kumluca (ANTALYA) Wastewater Treatment Plant - 2012
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Cebeci - Kandıra (İZMİT) Wastewater Treatment Plant - 2011
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Esenköy (YALOVA)Wastewater Treatment Plant - 2007
Drinking Water Treatment Plants
Akçaköy Derecik Söğütlü Yıldızlı (TRABZON) Drinking Water Treatment Plant - 2011
Drinking Water Treatment Plants
Havza (Samsun) Drinking Water Treatment Plant - 2007
Drinking Water Treatment Plants
Akpınar (TRABZON) Compact Drinking Water Treatment Plant - 2010
Compact Wastewater Treatment Plants
TCDD Hasanbey (ESKİŞEHİR) Compact Wastewater Treatment Plant - 2012
Compact Wastewater Treatment Plants
Simav (Kütahya) TOKI Houses - 2011
Compact Wastewater Treatment Plants
Hirfanlı (Kırşehir) EUAŞ Fossil Fuel Plant - 2008
Compact Wastewater Treatment Plants
TPAO Ankara - 2008
Concrete Compact Wastewater Treatment Plants
Gölcük (İZMİT) Slaughter House - 2009
Mechanical Equipment Manufacturing
Odor Treatment Plants
Kullar (KOCAELİ) Odor Treatment Plant - 2010
Pumping Stations
Uşak Pumping Station - 2010
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21 November 2013
ASM Treatment Systems has signed a contract with Akova Infrastructure within the scope of Gediz (Kütahya) Wastewater Treatment Plant which will be he ....
Cebeci Wastewater Treatment Plant Get Started
16 November 2013
Cebeci Wastewater Treatment Plant with the participation of The Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor MR. Abraham KARAOSMANOĞLU,ISU General Manager ....
Havza waste water treatment plant operatıons started with the participation of GSB Minister Mr. Sua
07 November 2013
On 7 November 2013,Havza Wastewater Treatment Plant , mechanical and electrical works that have been manufactured by the ASM Treatment was inaugurate ....
30 October 2013
We get to know better, our fields of activity,our references and in many considerations our work in order to provide you with better,are here to provi ....


Wastewater sourcing from inhouse usage(bathroom, kitchen,etc.) are treated down to suitable with discharge regulations or to be reused by using classic activated sludge / extended aeration / tertiary treatment process.

These systems that can be designed with the capacity of 500-300.000 m3/day and over mainly consist of :Pumping Stations, Physical Treatment Units, Primary Sedimentation Tanks, Aeration Tanks, Final Clarifiers, Sludge Dewatering and Disinfection Units.



Drinking Water Treatment Plants are built to treat ground and surface water sources found in nature for us to use or drink. These systems are mostly designed and constructed for 20.000 population and over with different types of units used. System design can depend on the flow(m3/day), quality(pollution parameters) and the distance from water source to treatment plant. Thus nearly all plants have their own different process applications.

Generally Drinking Water Treatment Plants consist of:

Physical Treatment, Aeration, Coagulation, Flocculation, Chemical Dosage Units, Sedimentation Units, Sludge Dewatering and Disinfection units.

To have an uniform and controlled hydraulic flow, the valve rooms and pumping stations are being used. The process can be  controlled automatically with synchronized working system of dosage units and measurement units. The synchronization between units is done with PLC and similar automation works.



They are designed to treat municipal and industrial wastewater with high efficiency. This design had reached its perfection with minimum cost, maximum efficiency, high quality manufacturing principles, thorough laboratory works and detailed engineering studies. Our processes are being designed on the 200 lt/capita.day wastewater production assumption and works very well within the range of 25 - 10.000 population.

In SBR process; the pollutants in wastewater are being consumed in aerobic conditions(O2 usage with diffusers) and transformed into Carbondioxide (CO2) and Water (H2O). With the help of equalization tank the system can guarantee up to %98 treatment efficiency even during unbalanced flows. The effluent water from the system is compatible with the "Receiving MediaDischarge Standards".

Receiving media can be described as river, lake, sea etc. Discharge water can be used for garden watering. Excess sludge can be collected with the period of 5 - 6 months by a sewage truck. Collected sludge can be used as fertilizer.

All kind of equipment maintenance is done due to "one year service and maintenance warranty" free of charge. Spare parts support and technical service can be renewed for the following years.

Our compact wastewater treatment plants can be used at:

-Factories and Industrial Enterprises,

-Villas and Touristic Facilities, 

-Schools, Hospitals and Military Units,

-Farms and Slaughter Houses,

-Hotels and Restaurants,

-Residents and Towns,

-Temporary settlements such as Construction Sites....



We are offering wide range of equipments related with treatment processes such as; fine and coarse screens, grit classifiers, DAFs, grit chamber bridges, rotating sludge scrapers channel penstocks and stoplogs. Also all special equipments that will be used in your projects, can be manufactured and delivered carefully with our principle of "Effectual And Economical Solutions" to our dearest customers.



Odor Removal Systems are used to reduce or remove the amount of pollutants from air especially sourcing from WWTP's screens, grit chambers, sludge thickening/dewatering units and all production processes in various industry.

Chemical treatment process is being completed by washing the odorant emissions with chemicals in order to change their molecular structure.

Odor Removal Systems are natural odor neutralization.Its main principle is to break down the odorant compounds. Odor Removal Systems can be categorized, designed and applied as chemical wash type(chemical scrubber), biological(biofilter) or dry odor treatment process.We are at your service to solve your odor based problems using Odor Control and Removal systems with our expert engineers here in A.S.M. Arıtma Sistemleri.

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